Gift of a Healthy Smile

$420 worth of FREE dentistry
for you or for anyone you might want to offer the
Gift of Healthy Teeth

I am offering you the above $420 worth of dentistry for several reasons.
Reason #1: I have seen just too many people being affected by illnesses, diseases and pains which could have been avoided if only they had taken care of their teeth. People simply do not know an unhealthy mouth could bring far reaching health effects like:


• Weakened Immune System
• Heart Diseases
• Diabetes
• Liver Diseases 
• Pre-matured Births
• Migraine Headaches
• Shoulder and Neck Pain
• Deprivation of Sleep (Sleep Apnea)
• Snoring
• Colds and Flu
• HIV viruses turned into Aids because
  of lowered immune system.



In addition to the health aspect, not looking good and not having a healthy smile affects one's esteem, career and definitely one's social life.

Reason #2: Economic reasons have become a prevailing problem preventing people from taking care of their oral health.

And recently economics don’t seem to be getting any better, thus this economic reason is a big part of why people continue to delay their dental health.
Reason #3: I would like to raise some money for some even more unfortunate people who don’t even have three square meals a day.
I want to feed as many people as possible via the local Food Kitchen “Together We Cope”


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