Do You Need Mouth Rinse? Our Tinley Park Dentists Help You Decide

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Feb 17, 2015

The little things that you do to care for your smile every single day can really add up over time. If you are already brushing and flossing as recommended, but you still feel like you need a little dental hygiene boost, then you may want to consider incorporating a mouth rinse into your routine.

Here is some additional information from our Tinley Park dentists about how mouth rinse can help you maintain oral health.

Ideally, you’ll use mouth rinse after you floss and brush your teeth. Mouth rinse is the final step in your oral hygiene routine, in which you rinse away any remaining loose dental debris and oral bacteria.

· The physical act of vigorously swishing mouthwash around your mouth disrupts dental debris and helps to give your smile a clean slate. In order to make sure that you are reaping the full benefits of your mouthwash routine, make sure that you swish the rinse around in your mouth for the full time recommended by your dentist.

· Different mouthwash formulations provide different benefits for the patient. Many mouthwashes, for example, are created with bacteria fighting ingredients that will help to neutralize existing plaque. Additionally, some mouth rinses include fluoride, an ingredient that fortifies teeth by helping dental enamel to re-mineralize. Talk to your dentist about what type of mouth rinse might be best for your smile.

· Another thing to keep in mind is how your mouthwash tastes. Remember, mouth rinse doesn’t do you any favors unless you are able to swish it around your mouth for the recommended period of time. So, make sure to pick a formulation of mouthwash that is palatable for you—don’t worry, there are tons of flavor options out on the market today,

If you don’t think that your mouth is feeling as fresh and clean as it could after brushing and flossing, bring it up with your dental team! Our Orland Park dentists have the additional information and support that you need to move forward. Give us a call!