Don’t wait to schedule your professional appointment with our Orland Park Dentists

Written by Dr. Zaibak on May 15, 2018

We know that, for many people, it can seem an overwhelming task to stay up to date with their professional dental cleanings and treatments. This is a busy world!

Regardless, timely and regularly scheduled dental will help you stay healthy, and avoid more costly and painful oral health issues down the road. That is why our Orland Park dentists strongly encourage our patients to seek out treatment when necessary, and as suggested by their dental team.

When you come in for a professional cleaning and assessment, our team is able to screen your smile for signs of developing damage or infection. This is perhaps one of the most important things that happens at semi-annual appointments. When our dentist is able to identify and treat oral health problems in their earliest stages, he minimizes your risk of suffering from costly secondary issues down the road.

Of course, during your dental cleaning our team will also clear away any plaque and tartar that has accumulated since your last appointment. Did you know that when plaque is left to sit on a patient’s teeth, it hardens and calcifies into something called tartar? Tartar is full of bacteria, and it is super difficult to remove, so you can imagine how damaging it can be if left to fester. Our team is able to get rid of tartar using professional technologies and techniques—we’re essentially helping to give your smile a clean slate, which you will then work to maintain until your next appointment with our team.

Finally, at every semi-annual appointment you’ll undergo an oral cancer screening. Because oral cancers often progress asymptomatically, professional assessments are indispensable for prompt diagnosis and treatment.

If you’re one of the many dental patients who has fallen behind on professional dental care, we want to encourage you to get back in the dentist’s chair! It’s never too late to get back on track. Give our Tinley Park dentists a call to learn more, and to schedule a personal consultation!