Get The Facts About Veneers and LUMINEERS From Our Orland Park Dentists

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 15, 2013

Transforming your smile doesn’t need to be difficult or problematically time consuming. LUMINEERS and veneers can both help you achieve your dental goals in your own way, and on your unique timeline.

Veneers and LUMINEERS are, in many ways, very similar. However, there are some key ways in which these treatments differ. Our Orland Park cosmetic dentists are here to give you the details that you need to know regarding veneers and LUMINEERS, so let’s get started!

Dental veneers and LUMINEERS are designed to do basically the same thing; these porcelain restorations cover natural teeth in order to improve the aesthetics of the patient’s smile. Whether you choose veneers or LUMINEERS, once your cosmetic restorations are in place, they will stay on your smile 24/7.

LUMINEERS, however, are thinner than traditional veneers. The type of porcelain used to make LUMINEERS—it is called Cerinate porcelain—maintains its strength and durability even when thin.

What does this mean for you?

The main thing it means is that our dental team does not need to shave away very much dental enamel in order to make the LUMINEER fit comfortably in your smile. When we place veneers we need to buff away significant dental structure so that the veneers do not feel and look bulky.

Because LUMINEERS are thinner, the LUMINEER treatment process is generally reversible. So, if, at some point, you decide that you want your dentist to remove your existing LUMINEERS, your teeth will still be intact underneath the restoration.

The best way to figure out what type of cosmetic treatment is best for you is to schedule a meeting with our Orland Park cosmetic dentists. We’ll assess your smile, and give you some more information about aesthetic solution will help you meet your needs. Let’s get started perfecting your smile!