Learn How Mouthwash Can Improve Your Smile

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Nov 3, 2015

When it comes to using mouthwash, many dental patients just don’t know whether or not it’s an important part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. Our Orland Park dentists are here to give you the potential benefits of using a mouthwash on a regularly basis. Basically, if you feel like your brushing and flossing routine isn’t keeping your mouth as fresh and clean as you’d like it to, then you integrating a mouthwash into your hygiene habits might be a good idea.

You can always talk to your dentist about what specific formulation of mouthwash will best meet your needs. There are many options on the market, so if making a choice starts to starts to seem overwhelming, feel free to ask us about them!

Here are some of the ways that you can reap the benefits of using mouthwash:

1. Swish vigorously

The formulation of a mouthwash is important, but keep in mind that the simple act of swishing mouthwash dislodges dental debris, and helps to rinse away bacteria. So, when you use mouthwash, spend a good 30 seconds to 1 minute vigorously swishing the rinse between your teeth and into the back corners of your mouth.

2. Consider whether fluoride is a good fit for you

Many mouthwash formulations contain fluoride, because fluoride helps to re-mineralize teeth. Talk to your dentist about whether your enamel can benefit from fluoride mouthwash!

3. Pick a formulation that is doable for you

The benefits of mouthwash really kick in when you are able to swish it around for an extended period of time (30 seconds to one minute depending on the instructions for your specific formulation). So, it is critical that you choose a taste that is amenable to you—don’t worry, there are lots of options out there!

Mouthwash can be a great addition to any oral hygiene routine. If you have questions, or you’d like to schedule a consultation with our Tinley Park dentists, give us a call!