Learn More From Our Orland Park Dental Implant Dentist About The Possibilities Of Tooth Replacement Treatment

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jul 26, 2022

Premature tooth loss is a serious oral health issue, as well as an aesthetic problem, for many people. Our Tinley Park dental implant dentists encourage you to seek prompt treatment for tooth loss and dental damage. Here are some options…

Replacing Single Teeth

If you have lost a tooth, restorative treatment can help your smile feel and look whole again. The key to successful treatment is tailoring your replacement tooth to the exact size, shape, and shade that you need. We actually use your natural teeth for inspiration as we design your new tooth! Once in place, you’ll find that your replacement tooth seamlessly blends in with your smile.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Many patients are in a situation in which they need to replace multiple missing teeth in order to restore their smiles. One way to do this is to use an individual restoration for each missing tooth along the gum line. Alternatively, you may decide to replace multiple teeth with one dental appliance using a bridge or denture. The key is to make sure that your restorations work in harmony with the rest of your smile.

Making Restorations Permanent

So far we have talked about strategies for delivering a natural looking replacement tooth above the gum line. But did you know that dental implant technology allows us to functionally replace your tooth root as well? Titanium dental implant roots extend from your restoration into your bone tissue, just like a natural tooth root. And, because titanium bonds with natural bone tissue, this type of treatment renders your restoration permanent while supporting healthy bone density.

You’ll be amazed at how transformative state-of-the-art replacement teeth can be. Don’t wait to get the restorative treatment you need—contact our Tinley Park dental implant dentists to schedule a personal consultation!