Learn More From Our Orland Park Dentists About 3 Threats To Dental Enamel

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 5, 2022

Maintaining healthy dental enamel is crucial to achieving long-term oral health. That is why our Tinley Park dentists are helping our patients understand how enamel becomes damaged over time. Keep reading to learn more…


Oral bacteria are the cause of both dental cavities and periodontal disease. As bacteria become entrenched in your smile, you’ll find that your natural tissues weaken and degrade. You’ll also likely notice that it’s hard to maintain fresh breath, since oral bacteria release unpleasant odors.


Bacteria also create acid as they use sugars and refined carbohydrates for fuel. These bacteria make your enamel softer, and thus more susceptible to damage and infection. Additionally, acidic foods and drinks can temporarily weaken your enamel; this is why it is so important to wait for at least twenty to thirty minutes after eating or drinking to brush your smile. Brushing before your enamel has a chance to remineralize may inadvertently cause enamel erosion. 


We also encourage our patients to take proactive steps to protect their smiles from trauma. If, for example, you play contact or extreme sports, you will probably want to have a customized mouthguard fit to protect your enamel. You can also minimize your risk of developing damage by cutting out harmful habits like chewing ice or hard candies.

Whether you are already noticing the effects of enamel erosion, or you want to proactively protect your smile, our Tinley Park dentists are here for you. The best way to get started is to call our office to schedule a personal consultation. You can also use the Contact Us page on our website to submit an inquiry for our team.