Orland Park Cosmetic Dentist Answers Patient Questions Regarding Snap on Smile Treatment

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Oct 22, 2013

Before you decide on a specific course of cosmetic dental treatment, it is important that you have information about a number of different treatment options. Today our Orland Park cosmetic dentist is answering some questions about Snap on Smile treatment. Take a look at this question and answer series, and let us know if you want more information about this exciting treatment option.

Q: How will Snap on Smile improve the appearance of my smile?

A: Snap on Smile is actually a dental appliance that totally covers your existing teeth. So once you put Snap on Smile in place in your mouth, your natural teeth will be hidden by Snap on Smile. Thus, your smile can be made to look white, straight, and balanced.

Q: Do I wear Snap on Smile all the time?

A: No, you only have to wear Snap on Smile when you want your smile to look perfect, for example, when you are out with friends or at a special event. When you are sleeping, for instance, you will not wear your Snap on Smile dental appliance.

Q: How does Snap on Smile change my natural teeth?
A: Snap on Smile is designed to not alter your real teeth or smile. Basically, Snap on Smile gives your smile a perfect appearance by simply covering your teeth. This means that if you want to pursue further cosmetic dental treatment, other than Snap on Smile, in the future, you will be able to, because your teeth will still be intact and healthy!

Snap on Smile is an easy and fast cosmetic option for patients of many ages. Have you been thinking about improving the appearance of your smile? If so, call our Tinley Park cosmetic dentist to get more information about all of your cosmetic dentistry options, including Snap on Smile!