Orland Park Cosmetic Dentist Explains How Patients Should Maintain Porcelain Dental Veneers

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

Dental veneers can completely change the appearance of your smile, but once you get your dream smile, you want to make sure that you keep it for years to come. Dental veneers are pretty simple to maintain, but there are some important steps you can take to keep them looking fresh and bright for years to come.

Our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists recommend that you follow these simple steps to keep your porcelain veneers in great shape!

Just as you brush and floss your teeth every morning and night, you need to brush and floss your veneers at least twice a day as well. Not only does daily oral hygiene minimize staining, it will also help keep your gum tissue strong so that your veneers and dental roots are stable.

It’s also critically important that you maintain your regular schedule of professional dental appointments. Not only are these appointments important for keeping your teeth healthy, they’re also important so that your dentist can monitor your veneers for signs of weakness.

You should also cut out bad dental habits so that your veneers don’t crack or chip. If you chew ice or hard candies, try to eliminate these habits; they’re hard on your natural teeth and on your porcelain veneers. Also don’t open things with your front teeth, like bags or the shells of nuts. Always chew with your back teeth so as not to put too much strain on your restorations.

As you’ve probably noticed, these recommendations are pretty straightforward—that’s the beauty of dental veneers! With just a little preventative maintenance, you can extend the life of your dental veneers and keep them looking white and bright.

If you’d like to learn more about cosmetic dental veneers, please give our Orland Park dental office a call! We’ll explain the treatment process and help you understand what veneers can do for you.