Orland Park Cosmetic Dentist Has Treatments To Lighten And Refresh Your Smile

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 31, 2017

It is very common for dental patients to notice that their teeth are starting to change in color over time. Dental enamel that starts off bright and white may dull and darken due to a number of factors.

Whitening your teeth is one very effective way to make your smile look younger, fresher, and cleaner. Keep reading to learn about the methods our Orland Park cosmetic dentists use to lighten patients’ smiles.

The first treatment that many people consider is professional dental whitening. This treatment is popular because it is effective, quick, and affordable. During treatment, our team will apply a whitening gel to your dental enamel—this gel is more potent than whitening gels that are available over the counter. Once the gel is activated it goes to work minimizing stains that have built up over time. Professional whitening treatments can be repeated over multiple appointments in order to intensify results.

There are also two cosmetic options that will actually cover dark or discolored enamel with a bright, white, and natural looking substance.

Dental bonding cover natural enamel with dental resin. Dental resin, one cured, hardens and bonds to the patient’s dental enamel. A thin layer of custom-shaded resin can take a smile from stained to white and sparkling. One benefit of this treatment is that it takes just one day to apply dental bonding.

You could alternatively cover a dental discoloration with porcelain veneers. Every veneer is crafted an individual restoration; veneers are so thin that once they are attached to your natural enamel they are unobtrusive and natural looking. The entire veneers’ placement process generally takes two to three dental appointments to complete.

You can always reach out to our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists to learn more about all of your cosmetic options, including whitening treatments. Give us a call to get started!