Orland Park Cosmetic Dentist Outlines Key Factors of LUMINEERS and Veneers

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 26, 2016

LUMINEERS and veneers can both be used to completely transform your smile in a short period of time. These treatment options are quite similar in many ways, but there are a few distinct differences between veneers and LUMINEERS that are important to know about.

Here are some facts from our Orland Park cosmetic dentists about these cosmetic restorations!

Cosmetic LUMINEERS and veneers are similar in a number of ways, in the sense that they:

· Are both made of porcelain

· Both cover the visible portions of a patient’s tooth

· Can both be shaded and shaped to suit the patient’s individual aesthetics

· Stay in place permanently once attached to the patient’s natural tooth structure

· Stand up to the wear and tear of the patient’s daily routine

· Can be completed in just a few dental appointments

· Are simple to care for

On, the other hand, here are some key differences between LUMINEERS and veneers:

· LUMINEERS are crafted from a specific type of porcelain, called Cerinate porcelain (known for its exceptional strength)

· LUMINEERS are thinner than veneers (while maintaining durability)

· LUMINEERS do not require our dental team to remove as much existing dental structure as we have to when we place veneers (which are thicker)

· LUMINEERS are generally reversible, which means that if you want to remove them at some point, your smile will be intact underneath the restorations. Veneers, however, are not reversible.

We hope that this information has given you a better idea of whether LUMINEERS or veneers will work for your smile. As always, if you want more information about any of the cosmetic treatments that we provide, please feel free to call our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists. You can also schedule a consultation with our team in order to get more personalized recommendations.