Orland Park Dentist Discusses the Importance of Flossing Teeth Every Day

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Mar 19, 2013

When Sharon came in to our Orland Park dentist office for her regular dental cleaning, she was surprised to find that her dental health had declined. Sharon brushed her teeth at least twice a day, and she saw our dental team regularly, what was going on?

It turns out that Sharon was skipping one vital step in her daily dental hygiene routine—flossing. This often-overlooked step can greatly improve the health and appearance of a patient’s smile. Because she stopped flossing, Sharon experienced a number of inconvenient and uncomfortable dental problems.

1. The most serious dental problem that Sharon faced was gum disease. Flossing is critical for avoiding periodontal disease—floss is very effective at cleaning plaque from between teeth and from along the gum line. By the time she came to our dental office, Sharon was suffering from gum disease, and she was experiencing many common symptoms of this disorder.

· Red gums

· Swelling of oral tissues

· Persistent bad breath

2. Sharon also suffered from some cosmetic issues as a result of her lack of flossing. Sharon started to notice that her teeth looked yellower and darker than they had just a year ago. While dental darkening a natural byproduct of dental aging, it is intensified if a patient does not take care of his or her teeth.

Luckily for Sharon, our dental team has been able to improve her smile with diligent dental care. First we revamped her daily dental hygiene routine—Sharon started flossing at least once a day again, and we also added an antimicrobial mouth rinse to her daily dental plan. Then, we helped her gum tissue heal with thorough professional cleanings and maintenance. We were also able to whiten her teeth with professional dental bleaching treatments.

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