Orland Park Dentist Encourages Every Patient to Floss Correctly for Optimal Oral Health

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 22, 2014

We know that not every patient takes the time to floss his or her smile thoroughly every single day. However, our Orland Park dentist office wants to stress that flossing is a crucial (and hugely beneficial) part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. You simply cannot get the benefits of flossing by brushing alone.

In today’s article we are talking more about the benefits of flossing, as well as our recommendations for exceptional flossing practices.

Why is flossing so important?

To put it simply, you cannot reach all of the oral plaque in your mouth by brushing alone. When you brush your teeth, you buff away plaque from the front and back of your teeth and gums. However, brushing does not allow you to effectively clean between your teeth, and the very back corners of your smile.

Flossing allows you to get rid of this hard-to-reach plaque. This helps to prevent cavities as well as harmful gum disease.

What kinds of things should I keep in mind as I floss?

First of all, it is very important that you floss every single day. Plaque is constantly developing on your teeth and gums, so you need to floss every day in order to keep it in check. Try flossing at night, before you brush your teeth—this will give your smile a clean slate for the night.

Additionally, do not use the same part of your strip of floss to clean between multiple teeth. This can actually compound the amount of plaque between your teeth and leave you susceptible to dental decay. Rather, wind your strip of floss around your fingers, and unravel a small bit from your finger each time you move to a new tooth.

As always, our Tinley Park dentist has further information and tips for you. Just call our dental team to get started on your way to a clean and fresh smile!