Orland Park Dentist Explains Why Protective Mouthguards Are So

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Mar 22, 2022

Don’t let dental trauma derail your life—take proactive steps now to protect your natural smile, especially when participating in extreme or contact sports. Our Orland Park dentists have put together this short article all about key priorities when crafting protective dental gear… 


A custom-fit mouthguard fits over your natural smile, and stays firmly in place, even in cases of dental impact. These appliances over superior protection compared to generic protective options.

Structural Support

Another benefit of a personalized mouthguard is that it allows you to maintain healthy jaw functioning and bite alignment. Lower quality protective appliances can put unwanted stress on your bite alignment, causing temporomandibular joint problems.


Patients find that these dental guards are comfortable and unobtrusive once in place. Obviously, this helps to increase patient compliance when it comes to wearing protective mouth gear.


Personalized mouthguards are molded from sturdy thermoplastic material. They can stand up to tooth-on-tooth pressure as well as frequent cleanings.

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