Orland Park Dentist Provides Necessary Wisdom Tooth Removal

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Dec 29, 2015

At one point in history, humans probably needed their wisdom teeth to eat effectively and extract nutrients from their foods. Now, however, most people do not have enough space in their mouths for this third set of molars. This is why wisdom tooth removal becomes necessary.

Our Tinley Park wisdom teeth dentists help patients preserve the aesthetics and the health of their smiles. Let’s learn more about what wisdom tooth removal is all about.

Your wisdom teeth are located behind your second molars. Wisdom teeth often emerge in a person’s late teens/early twenties.

One problem with wisdom teeth is that many people do not have room along their jaw lines for these teeth. This makes it difficult for the teeth to emerge, and can put pressure on the patient’s existing smile.

Another common problem with wisdom teeth is that they rarely emerge straight up from the bone and gum tissue. Rather, wisdom teeth often come in at different angles: extending inward toward the mouth, outward toward the cheek, or slantwise toward other teeth. There are a number of issues associated with angled wisdom teeth:

· These teeth are very difficult to keep clean—since they are hard to reach with a toothbrush and floss, wisdom teeth prone to infection and decay

· These teeth can put harmful pressure one existing teeth—this can alter the patient’s existing dental alignment

· As wisdom teeth try to emerge, they can cause pain in the patient’s jaw and neck

Prompt wisdom tooth removal can help you avoid these problems, and help to preserve your existing dental alignment.

Our Orland Park wisdom teeth dentists use the latest technologies to keep our patients calm and comfortable throughout the treatment process. If you want to learn even more, please feel free to call our dental team right away!