Orland Park Dentist Provides Overview Of How We Improve Teeth With Dental Bonding

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Mar 29, 2016

In our Orland Park dental office we provide a number of different treatment options to help people who are dealing with aesthetic or structural dental problems. One of the most versatile dental treatments that we offer is called dental bonding. Today we are giving you some additional information about dental bonding, so that you can better assess whether this treatment is right for your smile.

Why is dental bonding so versatile? Keep reading to learn more…

First of all, the materials used for dental bonding allow for this treatments beneficial versatility. Dental bonding simply involves our dentist placing dental resin over the patient’s tooth in order to improve the structure and/or appearance of the tooth.

Dental resin itself is:

· Easily moldable, so our dental team can create the exact shape and thickness needed for the patient’s individual tooth

· Completely customizable in color—our dental team will make sure that your bonding matches your natural enamel shades

· Sturdy and strong once applied—this allows us to use bonding to actually rebuild parts of the patient’s tooth when appropriate

Our dental team regularly uses dental bonding to:

· Improve the shade and luminosity of dark teeth

· Repair cracked and chipped dental enamel

· Slightly build out narrow or short teeth to achieve a better balanced smile

· Reinforce diminished dental enamel

· Improve bite surfaces

One of the great things about dental bonding is that this treatment takes only one appointment to complete. Once the bonding is cured, you can jump back into your regular routine! This is truly one of the fastest and most efficient dental treatments available today.

If you think that dental bonding may be right for your smile, please call our Tinley Park dentists to learn more about how we utilize dental bonding. We look forward to speaking with you!