Orland Park Dentist Reviews Different Methods Of Achieving A Whiter And Lighter Smile

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jun 21, 2016

Many patients seek out cosmetic dentistry treatment because they want to treat stains and discoloration on their teeth. Because not all types of dental discoloration are the same, our Orland Park cosmetic dentists offer a number of different treatment options to suit a wide variety of patients’ needs. Today we are going to be providing an overview of some of the most commonly used cosmetic solutions for achieving a whiter smile!

The first treatment that you probably think of when you hear “teeth whitening” is professional dental whitening. This option involves our dental team applying a topical whitening formulation to your natural enamel. As you sit in the dentist’s chair, this formulation goes to work lightening existing stains, and restoring your teeth to their former level of whiteness. Some people achieve full results after just one treatment, while other people complete multiple whitening sessions in order to fully lighten their smiles.

The next two cosmetic treatments are designed to actually cover discolored enamel, rather than lighten natural enamel.

Dental bonding, for example, allows our team to cover any unsightly enamel with fresh dental resin. And, because our dentist is able to custom-shade dental resin to suit each patient’s individual needs, we can ensure that you end up with a bright white smile that you love.

You could alternatively choose to cover your enamel with customized porcelain LUMINEERS. Every LUMINEER is crafted to fit perfectly over the patient’s natural tooth. Once the LUMINEER is in place, it will completely cover the visible portions of your tooth. Every aspect of the LUMINEER is personalized—from the size, to the shape, to the color.

Dental staining and discoloration is incredibly common among adult dental patients, but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with it! Contact our Tinley Park dental team if you want more information about the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer!