Orland Park LUMINEERS Dentist Discusses How LUMINEERS Lighten Smiles

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

Ready to brighten your smile? You have a number of cosmetic dentistry options at your disposal. Our Orland Park cosmetic dentist office can help you determine what type of dental treatment will work best for your teeth.

For example, many patients can effectively brighten their teeth using professional dental whitening treatments. After whitening treatments, many patients see noticeably whiter smiles, and have achieved their aesthetic goals. Patients generally require whitening touch up treatments periodically to minimize their most recent stains.

There are some patients, however, for whom professional whitening treatments are not effective enough. These patients may simply have dental enamel that is resistant to whitening. Additionally, these patients may suffer from embedded stains—like those from tetracycline staining or dental injury.

If professional whitening treatments do not work for you, you might want to consider cosmetic LUMINEERS. Dental LUMINEERS are porcelain restorations that can cover discolored or stained dental enamel. So if you are unable to whiten your natural enamel, you can cover any unsightly teeth with fresh, white dental LUMINEERS.

Because LUMINEERS are permanently bonded to your teeth, you will be able to maintain your normal daily routine and oral hygiene habits once your restorations are applied. Our dentist shades and shapes each LUMINEER to ensure that it blends with your natural teeth and enhances the overall appearance of your smile.

For some patients, the best solution is to whiten their natural teeth with professional whitening, and then place LUMINEERS over any teeth that are resistant to lightening.

Our Tinley Park LUMINEERS dentist can give you a better idea of what kinds of treatments may be right for you after your preliminary consultation. To get started on your way to a whiter smile, give our office a call, or submit your question through our inquiry form online.