Orland park LUMINEERS dentist explains how LUMINEERS are placed in-office

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

LUMINEERS are quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments among patients who want to achieve transformed, perfected smiles. LUMINEERS are placed quickly, comfortably, and with stellar long-term results. In this article we’re going to review how our Tinley Park dentist office places LUMINEERS in our office.

Before we can place your LUMINEERS we have to make sure that your teeth are strong enough to support the restorations. Our dental team will assess your teeth and gum tissue, and if we determine that your smile is right for LUMINEERS we’ll move on to the next step of treatment.

In this stage we take a precise mold of your smile. Then this mold is used to design your permanent porcelain LUMINEERS. Your LUMINEERS will be tailored to fit your smile—in shape, shade, and size. We’ll work together to decide what exactly your LUMINEERS should look like, so that we’re sure you end up with the cosmetic smile you want.

Your LUMINEERS will be created by the DenMat Lab. The LUMINEERS will be crafted to our specifications, and then sent to our office so that we can place them on your teeth. You’ll come in for your second LUMINEERS appointment a few weeks after your initial consultation. Because LUMINEERS don’t require us to file down your teeth, like veneers do, we’ll simply place the LUMINEERS over your existing teeth and your treatment process will be complete.

LUMINEERS do not require post-treatment rehabilitation, so you’ll be able to jump back into your regular routine right away. With LUMINEERS you’ll be able to eat regularly, and take care of your teeth with regular dental hygiene measures like brushing and flossing—they fit seamlessly into your regular routine.

As you can see, the LUMINEERS treatment process is quick and comfortable. You can get the smile you’ve been dreaming of—just give our Tinley Park dentists a call!