Orland Park LUMINEERS Dentist Reviews the LUMINEERS Placement Process

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Oct 30, 2012

Many patients come in to our Tinley Park dentist office wanting to learn more about LUMINEERS. LUMINEERS are thin layers of porcelain that are placed over existing teeth—which means that natural teeth remain strong and intact under the restoration (unlike with traditional veneers).

Patients are drawn to LUMINEERS because they are capable of transforming smiles pretty quickly. In just a few appointments your smile can look seamless, white, bright, and straight. But what is the LUMINEERS process really like? Read on to learn about how we place LUMINEERS.

The first step of LUMINEERS treatment is to assess your current dental health. At your first appointment, our dental team will make sure your teeth are ready for LUMINEERS, and then take a mold of your s mile. This mold will be used to craft your final porcelain LUMINEERS. During this first appointment we’ll also choose what shade your dental LUMINEERS should be.

After the first appointment we’ll send your dental mold to the DenMat Lab—this is where your LUMINEERS are crafted. Then your LUMINEERS are sent to our office, and we check them for size and color before we place them.

When you come in for you second appointment, we’ll place your LUMINEERS over your dental enamel. Because LUMINEERS don’t require drilling or extensive dental shaving, this treatment is painless. You won’t need to suffer through any shots or invasive measures to get your LUMINEERS.

Once your LUMINEERS are placed, you can get back to your regular life right away—there is very little post-care recovery time. Most patients don’t even experience any sensitivity after their treatments.

As you can see, LUMINEERS are the painless, stress-free way to get the perfected smile you’ve been dreaming of. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry options, LUMINEERS can be placed quickly and without significant destruction or alteration of existing dental material.

If you’re interested in LUMINEERS as a cosmetic option—we’re here to answer your questions. We’re proud to offer LUMINEERS in Orland Park. We’ve helped a number of patients enjoy stellar smiles—we can help you too!