Orland Park LUMINEERS Dentist Walks You Through the LUMINEERS Treatment Process

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Sep 10, 2013

LUMINEERS offer patients a fast and effective way to transform their smiles. Our Orland Park LUMINEERS dentist use LUMINEERS to correct everything from crooked teeth to damaged dental enamel. So how exactly does our dentist place LUMINEERS? Keep reading to find out!

For most people it only takes two appointments to get a complete LUMINEERS smile.

The first appointment is all about determining how your LUMINEERS will look on your teeth. Our dentist will take a mold of your teeth, from which your LUMINEERS will be made. We will also talk about what shade you want your LUMINEERS to be. If you want to whiten any of your natural teeth, we will make a plan to do that, because your LUMINEERS should be shaded to fit your post-whitening smile.

Our dentist then sends your dental mold to the DentMat Lab, where your LUMINEERS are crafted. Once your LUMINEERS have arrived in our office, we will have you come back in for your second appointment.

During the second appointment our dental team will actually place your LUMINEERS. First, we will make sure that they fit your smile, and that the LUMINEER shade is compatible with your natural teeth. Then our dentist uses a special dental adhesive to attach your LUMINEERS to your natural teeth. Generally, patients do not need to have their natural teeth shaved down in order to receive LUMINEERS (because LUMINEERS are so thin), so you won’t have to endure any drilling or shots during treatment.

This simple treatment process can completely transform the appearance of your smile in no time. Our Tinley Park LUMINEERS dentists have helped numerous patients achieve stunning smiles with LUMINEERS; we can help you too!

Please call our office to learn more about LUMINEERS, or cosmetic dentistry in general. We look forward to speaking with you!