Orland Park Teeth Whitening Dentist Answers Questions about ZOOM 2 Whitening

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Dec 5, 2017

Dental discoloration can make your smile look older than it is, as well as unclean. The good news is that there are aesthetic treatments available to whiten and brighten your smile in no time. One of the most popular treatment in our Orland Park dental office is ZOOM 2 dental whitening. We’ve seen firsthand how effective this whitening treatment can be, as it erases accumulated stains and discoloration. Keep reading to learn more ZOOM 2 whitening…

Q: How does ZOOM 2 whitening work?

A: ZOOM 2 whitening uses a potent to gel to go into the dental structure and minimize entrenched stains. ZOOM 2 helps to restore your teeth to their previous, natural levels of whiteness. You don’t have to worry about your teeth looking too white or unnaturally bright.

Q: What is the treatment process like?

A: When you come in for treatment, the first thing that our team will do is to cover your gum and oral tissue, in order to keep the whitening gel isolated on your teeth, and to avoid irritating your gums. We’ll then coat your enamel in the ZOOM 2 whitening gel. Once everything is in place, we activate the gel with a patented light, which speeds up the absorption of the gel and thus its whitening power. This process is repeated as needed over the course of your appointment.

Q: What kinds of results can I expect?

A: The best way to get an answer for this question is to schedule a personal consultation with our dental team. Once we assess your teeth, and the extent of staining you’re experiencing, we can give you a better idea of what level of whitening you can achieve. Generally speaking, patients can see their smiles lightened by 6 to 8 shades with this fast and effective treatment. Keep in mind that whitening treatment can be repeated in subsequent appointments in order to intensify results.

If you’re tired of seeing a stained or dull smile when you look in the mirror, our Tinley Park teeth whitening dentists are here to help. Give us a call to get started!