Our Orland Park Dentist Outlines How Dental Crowns Have Improved Over Time

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Mar 16, 2021

Dental restorations have only become more attractive and stable over time. Advancements in the world of restorative dentistry have made it easier than ever before for patients to reclaim oral health. This short article from our Orland Park dentists is all about high-quality, modern crowns. What can you expect from this kind of treatment?

Amalgam Is Outdated

Amalgam fillings were once the gold-standard in dentistry. These fillings are made of combination of metals, including mercury. Now, however, our team offers completely mercury-free porcelain and composite resin dental restorations. If you don’t like the idea of having mercury in your mouth, or if you dislike the way that metal fillings look on white teeth, now is the time to have your outdated restorations replaced. 

Properties of Porcelain   

Porcelain is such a popular material in restorative and cosmetic treatment because it looks like natural enamel, and it is durable and strong. The great news is that we’ve continued to make advancements in porcelain—so the porcelain we use today is actually stronger than earlier iterations. The primary benefit for patients is that our team is able to craft porcelain restorations that are exceptionally thin, without sacrificing durability. Modern porcelain restorations are not bulky or obtrusive at all.

No Short-cuts

Our dental team doesn’t place any generic or “one-size-fits-most” restorations. We are able to customize the porcelain or composite resin that we are using down to the smallest detail. We use your natural teeth as inspiration as we shape, size, and color your restorations.

If you think that you could benefit from a dental restoration, please do not wait to reach out for treatment. Our Tinley Park dentists are here and ready to help!