Our Tinley Park Cosmetic Dentist Explains Some Key Issues That May Be Aging Your Smile

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 22, 2019

We all want to enjoy attractive smiles, but it can sometimes difficult to determine exactly how to go about achieving this goal. Our Orland Park cosmetic dentists help our patients assess their dental goals, so that we can match them up with the treatments that fit their needs, specifically. With that in mind, we’ve put together this short article explaining some top aesthetic issues that may be making your smile look older than it really is. Let’s get started!

Discoloration And Staining

No matter how well we care for our teeth, we’ll likely develop some kind of discoloration over time. In many cases, this is the result of staining substances, like foods, drinks, and tobacco products. Additionally, teeth may start to look yellow or dark because the enamel is thin or because the tooth is damaged. Discoloration can make your smile look older than it really is, and unhealthy. Our dental team offers treatments that whiten natural teeth, as well as treatments that cover unsightly enamel with restorative materials.

Incremental Dental Damage

Even the smallest structural damage to a tooth—meaning dental cracks and chips—can age the tooth prematurely. Sometimes this type of damage occurs due to an accident or dental trauma; in other cases, chronic dental grinding undermines the structure of the tooth over time. Dental grinding may actually cause certain teeth to become shorter over time, as the enamel wears away and the teeth are blunted. Depending on the extent of damage you experience, you may benefit from composite dental bonding, customized crowns, or aesthetic veneers.

No matter what the current state of your teeth, our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists can help you restore and refresh your smile. The easiest way to get started is to call our dental team to schedule a personal consultation. You can also use the Contact Us page on our website in order to submit a question for our dentist!