Our Toluca Lake Cosmetic Dentists Deliver Complete Smile Transformations

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 10, 2015

Too many patients go through life thinking that there is nothing that they can do to improve their smiles. Maybe these people have sustained serious dental damage, or maybe it has been years since they have received dental care.

These people think that they are stuck with smiles that they hate—but they aren’t! Our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists provide complete smile makeovers to overhaul unsightly smiles.

Every smile makeover is different, because every patient is different! Our dental team assesses a patient’s smile, and then puts together a treatment plan of various restorative and cosmetic treatments to meet his or her needs.

Here are some dental treatments that are commonly used in smile makeovers:

· Dental enamel shaping: this treatment can change the shape and size of your teeth, as well refine jagged enamel edges.

· Gum tissue shaping: if parts of your smile are “overly gummy” with overgrown gum tissue, our dental team can reduce this tissue and bring your smile into balance.

· Professional dental enamel whitening: lighten dark and stained enamel with these highly effective whitening gels.

· Dental bonding: using dental resin our team can correct damaged teeth, and recover unsightly dental enamel. We can even make oddly shaped/sized teeth appear slightly longer or wider.

· Porcelain Lumineers: use these porcelain restorations to make your smile whiter, wider, brighter, straighter, and generally more attractive.

· Dental Implants: these stand alone replacement teeth look and feel like natural teeth. And they stay in place 24/7!

· Dentures: patients who are missing many teeth in a row may benefit from customized dentures. We create removable dentures that sit on top of the gum tissue as well as implant stabilized dentures, which are grounded in the patient’s jawbone.

· Tooth-colored crowns: we restore damaged teeth with natural-looking, white crowns.

· Root canal therapy: if you have a severely damaged tooth, our dental team may perform root canal therapy to clean out the infected or damaged core, and save any remaining healthy tooth structure.

As always, our Toluca Lake dentist office has all of the information and guidance that you need about smile transformations. Let’s get started!