Tinley Park Cosmetic Dentist Gives an Overview of Maintenance for Porcelain Dental Veneers

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Oct 16, 2012

Keeping your veneers in tiptop shape will help you enjoy a bright, white, strong smile for years to come. The good news is that maintaining dental veneers is relatively straightforward. In order to extend the life of your veneers and keep your restorations looking bright, follow these simple tips from our Tinley Park cosmetic dental office.

1. Don’t skip dental appointments

Make sure to see your dentists at least every 6 months for a professional cleaning and check-up (when you see your dentist he or she will let you know if you should be schedule appointments more or less frequently than every 6 months). Professional dental cleanings will go a long way toward keeping your veneers white and stain-free. And importantly, your dentist will be able to check your veneers for any signs of wear and tear.

2. Keep cleaning your teeth thoroughly

When caring for your dental veneers, you should take care of them just as thoroughly as you take care of your natural teeth. Brush at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, and use a non-abrasive mouthwash as well if you wish.

3. Treat your teeth kindly

If you chew on hard substances, like ice or hard candies, this can really take a toll on your dental veneers. Likewise if you open wrappers with your teeth or gnaw on seeds or nuts with your front teeth, you risk cracking your veneers. Practice good chewing and eating habits in order to preserve the strength of your porcelain veneers.

These recommendations are pretty easy to follow, but they’ll make a world of difference. If you’ve been considering dental veneers as a cosmetic treatment, give our Orland Park cosmetic dental office a call. We can walk you through the treatment process and help you understand how veneers can work for you at your first consultation!