Tinley Park Dental Implant Dentist Emphasizes The Purposes Of Implant Roots

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jun 17, 2014

When our Orland Park dental implant dentist meets a patient who is in need of replacement teeth, we work to help him or her find the perfect restorative dentistry treatment. Many patients choose dental implants to restore their smiles because these individual replacement teeth deliver attractive, functional, and long lasting results. The primary thing that sets the dental implant apart from other dental prosthetics (like bridges and dentures) is that the dental implant has a root.

The dental implant root keeps the replacement tooth in the patient’s mouth permanently. The root is shaped like a small, thin screw, so that once it is surgically implanted into the bone tissue, the patient can eat, speak, and care for his or her smile normally.

Because dentures and bridges do not have roots that extend into the jawbone, these prosthetics require other mechanisms to hold them in place. Bridges, for example, are attached to adjacent teeth with small pieces of metal. Dentures, on the other hand, are often used with dental adhesive for increased stability. Dental implants do not require additional measures such as these.

It is also important to note that when a patient receives a dental implant, he or she supports his or her existing bone tissue. A missing tooth root leaves the jawbone susceptible to decay and deterioration. When the titanium of the implant root bonds to the natural bone tissue, the patient’s whole jawbone has a better chance of staying healthy for the long-term.

As soon as you lose a tooth, make a plan to see your dentist and get the restorative care you need. Do not let tooth loss mar your smile and damage your oral health. Our Tinley Park dental implant dentist office can help you get all of the dental treatment that you need to achieve optimal oral health.