Tinley Park Dental Implant Dentist Reviews How Osseointegration allows Dental Implants to Function as Natural Teeth

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

It used to be that patients suffering from tooth loss could only choose between dentures and bridges as tooth replacement options. While these treatments are somewhat functional, they aren’t ideal in the sense that both dentures and bridges sit on top of the gum line, so they are not as secure as natural teeth. The dental implant is the innovative tooth replacement option that actually mimics the structure of natural teeth.

Dental implants are grounded with small titanium rods that are surgically inserted into the jawbone—replacing the old tooth root. The titanium screw obviously gives the dental implant a strong foundation, but adding to the implant’s stability is the bond that forms between the titanium screw and the natural bone of the jawbone.

You see, through a process called osseointegration the titanium rod of the dental implant is able to form a connection with the natural bone and bond to it. The result is a secure and permanent tooth replacement option that does not need to be removed regularly like dentures and bridges do.

Dental implants are cared for just like you’d care for natural teeth. Many patients with dental implants report that they forget they even have dental implants, because they look so natural and they’re so easy to care for!

Dental implants are the next generation of tooth replacement dental options. Patients with missing teeth should see their dentist promptly for a solution—it’s imperative for the appearance and the health of your smile that you find a tooth replacement option that works for you.

Give our Tinley Park dental implant dentists a call for more information or to schedule an appointment. When we meet you for your consultation, we can discuss what your treatment, specifically would entail. We’ll also review the stages of dental implant treatment so that you can decide whether this innovative option is right for you.