Tinley Park Dentist Restores Severely Damaged Teeth

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 14, 2015

Modern restorative dentistry techniques and technologies have made it easier than ever before for people with damaged smiles to reclaim oral health (and beautiful smiles).

One treatment that our Orland Park dentists often utilize in order to help patients with dental damage is root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a truly necessary treatment for many people. And today we are going to be learning more about how this treatment works.

If root canal therapy is deemed necessary, it means that a patient’s tooth is either infected or damaged (cracked/fractured) all the way down to the inner tooth. All of your teeth have inner cores. The inner tooth has blood vessels, tissues, and dental nerves. So once a tooth has an exposed or damaged dental core, the patient is likely to experience a considerable amount of pain.

In order to treat the underlying problem, our dental team will perform root canal therapy to:

· Clear away the inner core of the tooth—this includes the dental tissues and nerves/roots

· Sanitize and sterilize the remaining dental structure—this step helps to minimize the risk of re-infection after treatment is completed

· Restore your tooth with a customized restoration—once this crown is in place, it stays in place permanently. Every restoration is personalized to fit the patient—the structure and appearance of crown is designed to work for the patients’ unique smile.

Patients are amazed at how comfortable and quick root canal therapy can be, thanks to modern dental technology. Our Tinley Park dentists offer pain-management treatments to keep you totally comfortable throughout the process.

If you are suffering from existing dental damage, please contact your dental team as quickly as possible. It is important for both the health and the appearance of your smile that you do not let dental damage sit and fester.