Tinley Park Dentists Treat Severely Damaged Teeth With Root Canal Therapy

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 7, 2015

The marvels of modern dentistry can help patients retain damaged teeth that, previously, would have been lost. Root canal therapy is actually a potentially tooth-saving treatment for many people.

Our Tinley Park root canal dentists utilize root canal therapy when:

· A patient has sustained a serious dental trauma that has compromised the inner core of the patient’s tooth

· A dental infection has spread through the outer layers of a tooth and has infected the dental pulp/nerves

· An oral infection, which started in the gum tissue or jawbone, infects the tooth up through the tooth root

So what happens during this very important dental treatment?

1. Our dental team will determine the exact placement and extent of your dental problem—we do this using both dentist-performed assessments and X-rays

2. Our dentist removes any diseased tissue from the outer and inner layers of your tooth

3. The remaining tooth materials are sterilized in order to minimize the risk of re-infection

4. The affected tooth is then filled and capped with a natural looking restoration

This entire treatment process can usually be completed in one dental appointment. Once your root canal is complete, you will be able to enjoy a complete looking and feeling smile. Root canal therapy restores optimal dental functioning to patients with existing dental problems.

Many patients, when they hear the term, “root canal therapy,” feel anxious or scared. But don’t worry! Our dental team offers a number of ameliorative therapies to keep you calm and comfortable throughout the treatment process.

No matter what, do not wait to get the necessary restorative dental care that you need. Delaying treatment may lead to serious dental problems like tooth loss and jawbone deterioration. Please contact our Orland Park dentist office if you have questions, or you would like to schedule a consultation for personalized recommendations.