Tinley Park LUMINEER Dentist Uses LUMINEERS To Transform Different Types of Smiles

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Mar 11, 2014

Because every dental patient is unique, our Tinley Park cosmetic dentist office knows that patients want to change their smiles in unique ways. “A One size fits all” dental treatment simply is not an option for a patient who wants to achieve seamless, natural looking results.

Our dental team offers dentistry options that allow our patients to look like themselves, only with enhanced smiles! One of these dental options is dental LUMINEER treatment. In this short explanatory article, our dentist is reviewing the many ways that LUMINEERS can be used to transform teeth.

Some patients want to utilize LUMINEERS to achieve visible results similar to those achieved through orthodontic treatment. For these patients, our dentist uses LUMINEERS to:

· Close gaps and spaces between teeth

· Make crooked teeth appear better aligned

· Make narrow smiles appear slightly wider

Other patients are looking to make their smiles look brighter and younger. For these patients, LUMINEERS can:

· Be placed over existing teeth, to give a stained smile a white and clean appearance

· Cover dental damage and erosion, including small cracks and chips in the dental enamel

Cosmetic LUMINEERS can also correct the appearance of disproportionate or poorly formed teeth. With LUMINEERS you can:

· Make narrow teeth appear larger

· Lengthen short or stubby teeth

· Refine the edges of sharp or strangely angled dental enamel

If you want to achieve any (or many) of these results with cosmetic dentistry, LUMINEERS may be a viable treatment option for you. The best way to find out whether you are a candidate for LUMINEERS is to speak to a member of our dental team. You can easily reach our Orland Park LUMINEER dentist by calling our phone number, or by submitting your question and contact information through our website. Talk to you soon!