Tinley Park LUMINEERS Dentist Explains How LUMINEERS Can Transform Patients’ Smiles

Written by Dr. Zaibak on May 29, 2012

Our Tinley Park cosmetic dental office is committed to helping patients achieve their ideal smiles. No matter what your cosmetic concern, we can help you find a solution that fits your lifestyle, timeline, and budget. An increasingly popular option for cosmetic patients of many different ages is LUMINEERS treatment. LUMINEERS are simply thin layers of porcelain that are attached to existing teeth to visually transform the appearance of dull, damaged enamel.


Today I’m going to be explaining what LUMINEERS can accomplish for patients struggling with cosmetic problems. One major benefit of LUMINEERS is that they can be used to correct a wide number of dental problems with just one treatment.




Whiten dull/dark dental enamel

Correct chipped/cracked teeth

Straighten the appearance of crooked or misaligned teeth

Balance the appearance of short or poorly proportioned teeth

Close gaps between teeth


If you’re suffering from one or many of these problems, LUMINEERS may be a useful treatment for you. Many patients choose LUMINEERS because they can correct multiple problems—for example close gaps in the smile and whiten dull dental enamel—with one simple treatment, rather than waiting through months or years of different treatments to see results.


LUMINEERS are made of natural looking cerinate porcelain, so it reflects and absorbs light similarly to natural dental enamel. Consequently, LUMINEERS can be placed on individual damaged teeth, and the LUMINEER will blend seamlessly with your natural enamel. Alternatively, LUMINEERS can also be used to transform a patient’s entire smile.


With LUMINEERS our Orland Park LUMINEERS dentists have helped numerous patients reclaim beautiful, healthy smiles. If you’d like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry option in general, or LUMINEERS particularly, give our office a call. We can explain the treatment process and help you determine whether or not LUMINEERS are right for you.