Tinley Park LUMINEERS Dentist Reviews How the LUMINEERS Process Works for Patients

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

If you have been looking for a way to improve the appearance of your smile quickly, and without invasive treatment, LUMINEERS may be the right option for you. These cosmetic restorations, which are applied directly over your healthy teeth, can make your smile look younger, straighter, and brighter in just a few dental appointments. So what is it like to get LUMINEERS from our Orland Park LUMINEERS dentist?

The process begins with the patient collaborating with our dental team, to determine exactly how LUMINEERS can be used to improve the patient’s smile. There are so many options: straightening teeth, whitening dental enamel, covering the appearance of cracks and chips in teeth, closing gaps in the smile, making poorly proportioned teeth appear balanced. Let our dentist know what you would like to enhance about your smile, and we will help you decide whether LUMINEERS are right for you!

If LUMINEERS are right for you, we will take an impression of your smile so that we can craft LUMINEERS that fit your smile exactly. Once your LUMINEERS are ready, we will make sure that they match your existing teeth, so that your smile will appear natural and balanced.

Our dentist then uses a specially formulated dental adhesive to attach your LUMINEERS to your natural teeth. Because LUMINEERS are so thin, our dentist will not need to shave away your healthy dental structure in order to make your LUMINEERS fit (as is often necessary with thicker dental veneers).

Once your LUMINEERS are applied you will be able to resume your normal activities—eating and drinking your favorite things again!

LUMINEERS make it simple and fast to get a smile you actually want to show off to the world. Ready to learn more about cosmetic dentistry? Call our Tinley Park LUMINEERS dentists today to get started!