Tinley Park Veneers Dentist Explains Steps You Can Take to Preserve Dental Veneers

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

Dental veneers are highly effective, and increasingly popular, for improving the appearance of a patient’s smile. These porcelain restorations can make your smile look brighter, straighter, and even better proportioned. But what kinds of maintenance do dental veneers require after they have been placed? How can you take care of your veneers in the best possible manner? Our Tinley Park veneer dentist is here to help you understand how to care for dental veneers. We hope this short explanation will help you feel confident caring for your post-treatment smile.

Once your dental veneers are placed, you will have thin porcelain restorations permanently affixed to your teeth. The good news is that these dental veneers are designed to function like natural teeth. So you can eat, drink, and speak normally with your veneers.

Consequently, you should care for your veneers in much the same way that you care for your real teeth.

· Brush and floss your veneers. This is especially important for keeping the natural dental root healthy and preventing gum disease.

· Do not eat foods that would harm your natural dental enamel—it is unwise to chew ice or hard candies, for example.

· Remember that porcelain is not responsive to dental whitening formulations. So if you want to whiten your veneers, do not use a bleaching gel; rather talk to your dentist about having your veneers resurfaced or replaced to lighten your smile.

· Always wear a protective mouth guard when you are playing a contact sport, or taking part in another physical activity that may damage your smile.

With some simple maintenance and preventative care, your smile will stay looking great with dental veneers long after they are placed. Ready to learn more about all of your cosmetic dentistry options, including dental veneers? Our Orland Park veneer dentist office is here for you!