Tinley Park Wisdom Tooth Dentist Reviews Why These Teeth Are Often Problematic

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Oct 6, 2020

Wisdom tooth removal is a very common dental procedure, which, when completed in a timely manner, can help you avoid a host of aesthetic and health problems down the road. Because these teeth are not necessary for your smile to function well, it is generally advisable to have them taken out preventively. Keep reading to learn more from our Orland Park wisdom tooth dentists about how and why these teeth can be problematic.

You don’t have enough room in your mouth for additional teeth

Most adults do not have adequate space to house a full set of wisdom teeth. It may be that earlier humans who needed to ground down tough plant material for food, had wider mouths to compensate. Now, however, we are left with a third set of molars and no where to put them!

Wisdom teeth emerge partially

It is common for wisdom teeth to break through the top of the gum tissue, and the kind of stall. Unfortunately, this gives oral bacteria an easy entrance point into your gum and jaw tissues. And, because it is especially difficult to clean these hard-to-reach molars, they become sites of infection and decay.

Wisdom teeth become impacted in the jawbone tissue

Impacted wisdom teeth are stuck in the jaw tissue and unable to emerge. Our dental team surgically removes impacted third molars, as they can be quite uncomfortable, and because they are at risk of becoming infected.

Wisdom teeth put pressure on your smile as a whole

Another thing that can happen is that your wisdom teeth begin to erupt at odd angles—even horizontally. The force from these emerging teeth can actually cause your other teeth to shift—your entire dental alignment can change as a result.

We hope that this short article has helped you better understand wisdom teeth: what they are and how they can be dealt with. As always, our Tinley Park wisdom tooth dentists are happy to talk with you and provide you with additional information.