TMJ Treatments From Our Tinley Park TMJ Dentist Help Patients Stay Comfortable

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Feb 19, 2015

If you suffer from problems with your Temporomandibuar Joint, then you already know how problematic and life altering this condition can be. Patients come to our Orland Park TMJ dentist office in order to find relief from this chronic condition. Today we are going to help you understand what we can do to help minimize the issues commonly associated to TMJ dysfunction.

People who have dysfunctional Tempormandibular Joints can experience a wide range of problems and issues. For example:

· TMJ dysfunction is a leading cause of jaw joint pain, as well as neck pain and ear pain

· TMJ problems can also cause chronic headaches—you may be particularly prone to experiencing these headaches when you wake in the morning

· Over time you may find that it is difficult to open your mouth fully (your jaw may also pop or click when you move it)

· Some people also find that their teeth shift around due to chronic TMJ and dental grinding

In order to address these issues, our dental team treats the root cause of your jaw dysfunction. This involves our dental team completing an assessment of your mouth in order to figure out where your smile is out of balance. Then we will bring your jaw into better alignment using a custom-crafted oral appliance. This treatment is both effective and long lasting, because it actually improves the structural problems with your smile, rather than simply treating the superficial symptoms of TMJ disorder. Pain medications and numbing agents may help to alleviate short-term discomfort, but your jaw will still be susceptible to further damage.

If you think that TMJ disorder may be negatively affecting your life, please take the time to contact our Tinley Park dentist office. Our dental team is here to help you understand the root causes of TMJ, as well as your treatment options. Don’t let TMJ keep you from living a happy, healthy, comfortable life!