You Have Many Restorative Dental Options With Our Orland Park Dentists

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 11, 2015

Sometimes smiles become damaged or infected, despite our hard work and best efforts. When this happens, don’t despair; our Orland Park restorative dentists have all of the tools and treatments that you need in order to reclaim oral health.

The specific treatments that you need will depend on:

· The current state of your smile

· Your aesthetic and functional goals

· Your ideal timeline

· Your treatment budget

· The level of post-treatment maintenance with which you are comfortable

Here are some of the treatments that we commonly use to help patients achieve their dream smiles!

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a perfect solution for tooth loss. When you have lost a tooth, our dental team can replace it with a dental implant, which has a titanium tooth root and a natural looking dental crown. This is the most innovative tooth replacement available!

Dental bonding

This treatment is great for correcting minor dental damage in the dental enamel. Dental resin can be used to patch and rebuild broken bits of tooth. And, because dental resin is totally customizable, you won’t even be able to see where we placed the resin post-treatment.

Dental crown

Most dental patients are familiar with the concept of a dental crown—this restoration is used to repair a tooth after infection or damage. Crowns ensure that your tooth will be functional and attractive even after damage.

Cosmetic Lumineers

These thin porcelain Lumineers are attached to a patient’s natural dental enamel in order to give the tooth a fresh, clean, and perfected appearance. Lumineers are permanently affixed to the patient’s natural tooth, so post-treatment you can care for your smile normally.

When you meet with our Tinley Park dentists, we’ll be able to give you an idea of what types of restorative treatments may meet your needs Please call us to get started!