Orland Park Dentist Explains Benefits Of Cosmetic Resin Treatments

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Nov 21, 2022

Modern dental materials deliver previously unimagined aesthetic and functional results without unwanted side effects. One of these materials is composite resin, and today our Orland Park dentists are providing you with an overview of how resin works, and why it’s so beneficial.

Composite Resin Explained 

Composite resin is a dental-grade restorative material that is used to improve the appearance, health, and/or functionality of a tooth. Composite resin is totally metal and amalgam free; it is made from a mixture of ceramic and plastic compounds.

In its unfinished form, composite resin is a soft and moldable material. Once resin is cured, however, it becomes hard and strong, and it bonds to the natural tooth structure on which it sits.

Composite resin can be used to achieve a wide variety of results, including:

  • Repairing dental damage
  • Resurfacing discolored or unsightly enamel
  • Closing gaps between your teeth
  • Lengthening disproportionately short teeth
  • Giving the smile a straighter, more seamless appearance. 

Benefits of Dental Resin

As you can see, dental resin is exceptionally versatile, which is one reason why it’s used so frequently. Additionally, composite resin…

  • Looks like real dental enamel
  • Can be tinted and shaded to match your teeth
  • Is durable and strong
  • Is simple to maintain—brush and floss normally
  • Does not expand or contract in response to heat

What’s It Like To Go Through Treatment?

The treatment process for placing composite resin is patient-friendly and convenient; in most cases treatment can be completed in just one appointment!

  • First our team will clean, prep, and shape the relevant teeth
  • We’ll then apply soft resin to the tooth structure
  • We then shape and smooth the resin so that it looks perfect
  • Once everything is ready we cure the resin so that it hardens and bonds with your real tooth
  • Finally, we’ll buff away any excess resin if necessary

We hope that this explanation has been useful for you as you get a better idea of what is possible with modern dentistry. Remember, you can always learn more by contacting our Tinley Park dentists to schedule a consultation!