Discover How Stress-Free Treatment Is With Our Tinley Park Dentist’s Anesthetic Wand

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Nov 6, 2014

Because our Orland Park dentist office understands that dental treatment is difficult for many patients, we are always looking for new strategies and technologies to put patients at ease. One of the newest, and most innovative technologies that we use is the anesthetic wand. This wand helps patients stay comfortable and calm during dental treatment.

So let’s learn more about how the anesthetic wand works, as well as what it’s like to go through the treatment process.

What does the anesthetic wand even do?

The anesthetic wand is designed to regulate the flow of anesthesia to make the application process as painless as possible. The small anesthetic wand itself (which our dentist holds in your mouth) is attached to a larger microprocessor that controls the medication that flows through the wand. The microprocessor is programmed to keep the flow of sedative slow enough that it stays below the patient’s pain threshold.

How long does it take to use the anesthetic wand?

The anesthetic wand adds almost now time to the patient’s treatment timeline. This is simply a new way to administer sedation while the patient is sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Who can use the anesthetic wand?

Patients of many ages are prime candidates for anesthetic wand treatment. Basically, people who are eligible to use traditional localized anesthetic are usually also great candidates for the anesthetic wand. In order to get a definite answer, you will need to speak to a dental professional about your dental needs as well as your overall health.

Getting the dental treatment you need does not need to be painful or difficult. Talk to our Tinley Park sedation dentist office to get started with comfortable, stress-free dentistry! And if you want to learn more about the anesthetic wand right now, check out our cosmetic dentistry page, which has additional information!