Get More Information About How Our Tinley Park Dentist Enhances Treatment With The Anesthetic Wand

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 12, 2014

If you are a patient who is nervous in the dentist’s chair, or especially prone to experiencing dentistry-related pain, you may benefit from the anesthetic wand. This technology enables our Tinley Park dentist to help you stay comfortable during treatment using minimally invasive, soothing technology.

Our dental team is proud to offer this pain-reducing treatment for patients of many ages. Ready to learn more? Here are some helpful facts about the anesthetic wand.

Q: What does the anesthetic wand look like?

A: This anesthetic wand itself is a small handheld device that our dentist uses to administer anesthesia during dental treatment. This small wand is attached, by a delivery tube, to a larger microprocessor. The microprocessor has the power to control the flow and contents of the anesthetic wand.

Q: What are the benefits of the anesthetic wand?

A: Essentially, using the anesthetic wand to numb the patient’s mouth is more comfortable for the patient than using a traditional syringe. The microprocessor of the anesthetic wand allows our dentist to control the pressure and flow rate of the injection. The anesthetic wand is calibrated to keep the pressure below the patient’s threshold for pain—you get the benefits of localized anesthesia without the pain of the injection!

Q: Is the anesthetic wand appropriate for me?

A: In general, if you are an appropriate candidate for conventional local anesthesia, you are a candidate for the anesthetic wand. Some patients, due to age restrictions or health conditions may not be able to make use of this technology. Our dental team can help you decide whether or not to incorporate this technology into your treatment plan.

Dental treatment does not have to be painful or stressful. We have new technology that makes dental care easier than ever before! Call our Orland Park dentist office for additional information.