Get To The Root Of TMJ Issues With Our Orland Park TMJ Dentist Office

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Dec 2, 2014

TMJ disorder refers to a problem with a patient’s Temporomandibular joint. This joint is important to everyday functioning, so when the TMJ is somehow damaged or dysfunctional, it can be really disruptive to a patient’s life.

Basically, the TMJs are the joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. When you speak, yawn, and eat you require your TMJ to help your jaw move.

Sometimes a Temporamandibular joint can stop functioning optimally. This may happen because:

· The patient experiences an accident or trauma that affects the jaw

· The patient grinds his or her teeth—this puts pressure on the joint

· The patient has an uneven bite

· The patient has inflammation of the joints

Using painkillers, cold or warm compresses, and salves can help to minimize discomfort in the short term. However, to truly treat TMJ, and stop these issues from worsening, you need to get down to the root cause of TMJ dysfunction—that’s where our Tinley Park TMJ dentists come in.

We will analyze your jaw functioning to pinpoint exactly where your jaw is coming out of alignment. Then we will create a custom oral appliance—it fits into you mouth like a dental aligner—that will help your jaw rest comfortably. The oral appliance essentially realigns your jaw, so that the pressure points that were causing your TMJ symptoms are no longer flaring up.

Obviously, this type of treatment helps the patient to feel comfortable in daily life. Additionally, however, this thorough and comprehensive TMJ treatment helps to prevent further TMJ damage in the future.

So if you have noticed signs and symptoms of TMJ dysfunction in your life, do not hesitate to seek the treatment that you need. Our Orland Park TMJ dentist office is here to help you smile, eat, and yes, even yawn, comfortably again!