Here Are The Top 3 Things That Can Make Your Smile Look Older As Explained By Our Orland Park Cosmetic Dentists

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Dec 10, 2021

We all want to enjoy attractive, picture perfect smiles, but sometimes this goal can feel out of reach. The first step in any aesthetic treatment process is to identify the patient’s key goals. With that in mind, our Orland Park dentists have put together this overview of three common issues that may be making your smile look older than it really is. We hope that this information helps you get a better idea of what is possible with your smile.

  1. Dental Damage

The first thing that will age your smile is enamel damage, like small cracks and chips. These issues may occur due to acute accidents, or they may develop over time as a result of bruxism or acid erosion. Our dental team uses composite bonding, customized crowns, and porcelain veneers to restore damaged teeth.

  1. Worn Down Teeth

We put our teeth through a lot, and as time wears on, our enamel can become worn down. The edges of worn teeth often appear blunt or flat, and the teeth look disproportionately short. Conditions like bruxism—chronic dental grinding—can cause these structural changes to happen faster. Again, dental bonding and restorations can be used to build up missing tooth structure.

  1. Discoloration

If your enamel has developed stains, or your teeth look yellow, your smile will look older and less healthy. Sometimes, this type of discoloration is the result of environmental stains compounding over time; environmental stains are usually color deposits left over from foods, drinks, and tobacco products. Teeth can also start to look dark and yellow because the dental enamel of the tooth is too thin, and so yellow dentin is able to show through to the surface. Treatments for dental discoloration include professional topical whitening formulations, dental bonding, and cosmetic veneers.

If you’re unhappy with the current state of your smile, our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists offer the treatments you need to love your smile again. Give us a call to get started with a personal consultation!