Learn More About The Ins and Outs of Root Canal Therapy from our Tinley Park Dentists

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 19, 2016

What do you think when I say “root canal?” Maybe you think “ugh!” or “those are the worst!” or “I’d rather jump into a pool of sharks!” However, our Orland Park dentists are here to argue that when you hear “root canal” you should really be thinking “what a useful treatment!”

Here’s why…

Root canal therapy is actually used to treat very damaged teeth. These teeth are damaged or infected all the way down into the dental pulp and/or the dental roots. Once a tooth is this damaged, it is on its way to coming out of your smile—either because it is eventually going to fall out or because we are going to need to pull it out to safeguard the rest of your smile.

Enter root canal therapy….

This treatment allows our dental team to literally save teeth that would otherwise be lost. The way that we do this is by going into the tooth and removing all of the damaged dental material—including the tooth roots. Once all of this yucky stuff is gone, we will restore the tooth with a strong, functional, and attractive restorations. And with that, you’ll have a healthy and natural-looking tooth again!

Once upon a time root canal therapy was pretty uncomfortable for many people. But this has changed thanks to the marvels of modern dentistry. State-of-the-art dental tools, as well as sedation and pain-management solutions, can keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment process.

So, if your dentist starts to talk to you about root canal therapy, don’t panic! This treatment can actually do wonders for the overall health and longevity of your smile. If you want to learn more about restorative dentistry in general, or root canal specifically, our Orland Park dentists are here to provide you with all of the information that you need. Feel free to reach out to our helpful team!