Learn More About The Invisalign Process From Our Orland Park Invisalign Dentist

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Dec 11, 2014

Straightening your teeth using Invisalign is comfortable, effective, and convenient for the patient. Our Orland Park Invisalign dentist office is here to walk you through the Invisalign treatment process from start to finish. Let’s get started!

When you schedule a cosmetic consultation with our dental team, we’ll review your cosmetic options, and assess your smile. We’ll check to see if you have any cavities or gum disease. If your smile is healthy enough to pursue treatment, we’ll move on to the next step…

At this point it’s time to decide how, exactly, we will shift your teeth in order to achieve optimal aesthetic results. After we take an initial impression of your existing smile, we can plan out all of the aligners that you will use throughout treatment. The Invisalign system will break your treatment up into several different stages. You’ll wear a series of aligners that systematically shift your teeth into their ideal positions.

Once your aligners are complete, you’ll come into our office to try them on. Our dental team will ensure that your aligners fit comfortably. Then, you’ll start wearing your Invisalign aligners all day, every day (except for when you are eating or cleaning your teeth).

Every two to three weeks you will replace your existing aligner with the next mouthpiece in the series. You’ll start to see your smile become straighter and more perfected in no time!

When you reach the last aligner in your series, you’ll come back to our dental team for an assessment. We’ll make sure that you are happy with the appearance of your smile, and that your smile does not require any further refinements.

Once you are done with your daily aligners, you will simply wear retainers at night in order to keep your teeth in ideal alignment.

Patients of many ages love Invisalign because it is effective and discreet. Our Tinley Park Invisalign dentist has all of the information that you need.