Learn More From Our Orland Park Dental Team About What Happens During Professional Dental Cleanings

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 8, 2019

In order to maintain a healthy, attractive, and strong smile, it is crucial that you combine at-home oral hygiene with professional care. The general recommendation from the American Dental Association is that patients complete professional cleanings every six months or so. As you will see, these appointments are important for a number of reasons. Keep reading to learn more from our Orland Park dentists!

The first step in the process is to assess your smile for any signs of damage and illness. For example, we’ll screen your mouth for signs of:

  • Cavity development
  • Failing or aging crowns and restorations
  • Diseased or infected gum tissue, indicating periodontal disease
  • Cancerous tissues

This assessment gives us a comprehensive view of the current state of your smile, so that we can make treatment recommendations moving forward. It also allows us to collaborate with you to optimize your at-home dental hygiene routine.

After the assessment phase, it’s time for us to clean and refresh your smile. We’ll get started by clearing away newly developed plaque and calcified tartar. Tartar is actually plaque that, having been left to sit undisturbed, has hardened and bonded to the tooth structure. Because tartar is a calcified material, it takes a professional cleaning to clean it off your smile.

Once these harmful substances are out of your mouth, our team will polish your teeth and give your mouth a final rinse; these steps help to brighten smile, and give you a boost!

By completing professional cleanings on a regular basis, you’re able to minimize bacterial build-up over time, and help your smile stay healthier, longer. However, if you have fallen behind on your schedule of professional treatments, our Tinley Park dentists are here to help you get back on track. Please don’t think that it’s too late to achieve a smile you love!