Orland Park Cosmetic Dentist Walks You Through Aesthetic Treatment Options For You

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jul 23, 2021

When you are ready to improve your dental aesthetics and take your smile to the next level our Orland Park cosmetic dentists are here to help. We offer a number of effective and patient-friendly treatment options, so that you can achieve your dream smile. Keep reading to learn more about the types of treatments offered in our practice:

Dental whitening: this treatment is designed to minimize existing stains on the tooth structure, so as to restore the tooth to its natural color. Our office uses the gentle ZOOM 2 whitening system for dramatic results. Professional treatments are much more effective than over-the-counter whitening options.

Veneers and LUMINEERS: both of these treatments cover the natural tooth structure with a thin porcelain restoration. We customize veneers and LUMINEERS to suit the patient’s appearance; this means that the shape, size, and color of the restoration will be tailored to you.

Snap on Smile: this unique aesthetic solution is actually a stand-alone mouthpiece, which snaps into place over your current smile. Once Snap on Smile is in place, you’ll enjoy a brand new, perfected smile! Snap on Smile is designed be worn when you’re out and about; you can simply pop it out of your mouth once you’re back home.

Dental bonding: using custom-shaded composite resin, our dentist resurfaces teeth, repairs damage, and even closes gaps between a patient’s natural teeth. One of the major advantages of bonding is that it takes only one dental appointment complete.

Laser gum reshaping: if you have an overly gummy smile, gum tissue reshaping will help to bring your smile into balance. This treatment is fast, effective, and comfortable.

Every cosmetic case is different. When you meet with our Tinley Park cosmetic dentists, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of the types of treatments that may be right for you!