Orland Park Dental Implant Dentist Highlights Importance of Implant Root

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Aug 4, 2014

Many patients choose dental implants because they marvel at how natural the implant crown (visible restoration) looks once inserted. And while it is true that dental implants are exceptionally natural looking replacement teeth, the truth is that this is not all attributable to the implant crown—the implant root is very important as well!

In this explanation from our Orland Park dental implant dentist, you’ll learn even more about why the implant root is so important.

The dental implant root is essentially a small titanium screw that is inserted into the patient’s bone tissue. Once in place, the implant root begins to bond with the natural bone tissue (due to the unique osseointegration properties of titanium).

So why is this so important for the patient?

The titanium root benefits the dental implant patient in a number of ways. For example:

· The implant root keeps the dental implant as a whole stable and in place. That’s why dental implants do not shift around or fall out like dentures and bridges sometimes do.

· The implant root helps to keep the patient’s natural jawbone healthy and strong. While bone loss often leads to bone deterioration, dental implants help to prevent this, because the implant root is continually supporting the surrounding tissue.

· The implant root also serves as the base on which the abutment and the dental crown can rest. These pieces, working together, keep the implant in place, while also providing enough limited flexibility to keep the implant from snapping or breaking under pressure.

The dental implant root sets the dental implant apart from other traditional tooth replacement options. If you are looking for a tooth replacement treatment that delivers a natural look and feel, a dental implant may be the treatment for you.

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