Orland Park Dentist Helps Patients Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye For Good

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Apr 28, 2020

Nobody wants to deal with bad breath, especially on a regular basis. Bad breath is obviously inconvenient and unpleasant, but, importantly, it can also be indicative of serious oral health problems. Our Tinley Park dentists help our patients get control of chronic bad breath, so that they can get on with their lives!

We’ve all experienced the temporary type of bad breath that occurs after eating something smelly, like garlic and onions. This type of malodorous breath usually resolves itself as you clean your smile, and as these foods work their way out of your system. 

Chronic, hard-to-treat bad breath, on the other hand, is often caused by a buildup of harmful oral bacteria. You may hear this type f bad breath be referred to as halitosis.

Here’s how it works: as the oral bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars and refined carbohydrates (which they need to grow) they release unpleasant odors. The more bacteria in your mouth, the more likely you are to develop bad breath. The more active these bacteria are, the more likely you are to develop bad breath. And the less saliva there is in your mouth, the more likely you are to develop bad breath.

In order to take control of the issue, our team recommends that you:

  • Complete a professional dental cleaning and assessment as recommended by your dental team
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Rinse your smile after eating or drinking (anything other than water)
  • Reach for sugar-free mints and gum; formulations that contain sugar can actually make the underlying problem worse, by providing fuel for harmful bacteria

Once your smile is clean and healthy, you will likely notice that your breath improves as well. As always, our Orland Park dentists can give you additional information and help you schedule a consultation with our team. Just give us a call to get started!