Orland Park Dentist Helps You Learn More About How Dental Implant Technology Rebuilds Smiles

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Oct 3, 2023

Tooth loss is obviously an aesthetic problem for many people, but did you know that it also wreaks havoc on your oral health? When you lose a tooth due to infection or accident, your entire smile is affected; in many cases, tooth loss kicks off a chain reaction of dental issues.

Dental implant replacement teeth are revolutionary in the world of restorative dentistry because they seamlessly address the aesthetic as well as functional side effects of tooth loss. Keep reading to learn more about how dental implants work.

Traditional tooth replacement options, like dentures and bridges, sit on top of a patient’s gum tissue in order to replace the visible portion of a missing tooth. Dental implants are unique because they replace missing dental roots as well as visible tooth crowns. Every dental implant is held in place by a titanium root that extends into the patient’s jawbone. This root is then capped with an abutment and a personalized restoration.

The choice to use titanium for the implant root is an important one; titanium actually has the ability to bond with natural bone through a process called osseointegration. So, once your dental implant roots are in place, they not only take up the space where your natural tooth root used to sit, but they also bond with your jawbone and help to prevent it from deteriorating. When patients have open spots along their jawbones from tooth loss, these sites tend to become prime areas of jaw tissue depletion. 

So far we’ve talked about single dental implants being used to replace individual teeth, but dental implant roots can also be used to anchor larger dental prostheses like full dentures. In these cases, our team needs only insert a few dental implants (commonly four) into strategic spots along the patient’s jawbone. Then, the entire denture is attached on top of the implant roots, making the prosthesis a permanent fixture in the patient’s mouth.

Our Orland Park dental implant dentists are here to help you determine whether dental implants are appropriate for your smile, and, if they are, how they can best be utilized. If you’re dealing with tooth loss, schedule a consultation with our restorative team to get a personal assessment and further guidance. We look forward to speaking with you!