Orland Park LUMINEERS Dentist Explains Why People Choose LUMINEERS

Written by Dr. Zaibak on Jan 13, 2015

Today, dental patients looking to pursue cosmetic dentistry have more treatment options than ever before. However, our Orland Park cosmetic dentists have found that LUMINEERS are consistently popular with people of many ages. Let’s learn more about why LUMINEERS are so attractive for patients who want to achieve smile transformations.

1. Quality Materials

The first reason that dentists and patients love LUMINEERS is that LUMINEERS are crafted of high quality Cerinate porcelain. This porcelain is renowned for its luminosity and its durability. Cerinate porcelain is what allows LUMINEERS to deliver such stunning, natural-looking results. It is also what allows LUMINEERS to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life!

2. Options Galore

Another major benefit of LUMINEERS’ treatment is that, you, as a patient, can actually fix multiple cosmetic issues with one super efficient treatment. Because LUMINEERS cover your real teeth, they can fix:

· Dull dark enamel

· Damaged teeth

· Misaligned smiles

· Gaps between teeth

· Poorly balanced smiles

3. Efficiency

Many cosmetic treatments take months or years in order to achieve full results. Not cosmetic LUMINEERS! It generally takes only two or three appointments in order for our cosmetic dental team to completely transform a patient’s smile using LUMINEERS. And because our dental team does not need to file down very much of your natural dental structure in order to place LUMINEERS (this is a major difference between veneer and LUMINEER treatments), the process is very quick and comfortable for the patient.

Our Tinley Park LUMINEER dentists have helped so many people discover their dream smiles with porcelain LUMINEERS—we can help you too! When you are ready to learn more, schedule a consultation and get started, please reach out to our friendly dental team. We are here to help you achieve a smile you truly love!